End-Line Evaluation of the Oxfam Country Strategy (2015-2020)

From September to December 2019, EPRN Rwanda collaborated with OXFAM Rwanda to evaluate the success of the Oxfam Country Strategy in Rwanda (2015-2020). The assignment covered 13 districts drawn from the four provinces of Rwanda including Kigali City and focussed on the four key programs of : Sustainable Livelihoods ; Participatory Governance ; Gender Justice ; and Humanitarian Preparedness and Resilience Strengthening. Other priority areas such as safeguarding and safe programming, program integration, mainstreaming gender, climate change, and protection of the most vulnerable populations and communities were also considered.

The purpose of this end-line evaluation was to objectively assess and reflect on progress towards achieving the Oxfam Rwanda’s country program change goals, highlight lessons drawn from implementing the Oxfam Country Strategy (OCS) from 2015 to 2020 and develop recommendations that can inform programming of subsequent OCS. The consultancy utilized several methods in conducting this analysis. These included working with Oxfam Rwanda to agree on deliverables, tools and work plan ; a participatory evaluation workshop with Oxfam Rwanda and key partners ; and a validation workshop to ensure findings were both relevant and accurate and provided valuable insights of the OCS program activities, achievements, impacts, lessons, and success stories. EPRN employed structured interview questions using key informants’ interviews, focus group discussants sessions and respondents’ survey interviews to capture key impact results from Oxfam Rwanda’s partners, direct beneficiaries, and key stakeholders from the four program pillars. The final report, which is exclusively a property of Oxfam Rwanda, was successfully validated by stakeholders in a workshop held in December 2019.