The Economic Policy Research Network – EPRN, a Rwandan-based economic research network, and policy think tank, has on June 9, 2022, announced the signing of a landmark partnership with the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists (ICCE), a global professional body for economists headquartered in the USA.

EPRN has been at the forefront of championing relevant economic research and the capacity building of economists in Rwanda.

In his remarks following the signing of the partnership, Seth Kwizera, Executive Director of EPRN, had this to say :

"Putting the growth and intellectual capacity of EPRN members at the highest level is our core priority. This can be evident in the various programs and trainings we organize for our members and stakeholders."

"Partnering with a global body like the ICCE shows the level of commitment we have to the economics profession."

"Together with the ICCE, EPRN members and non-members will be able to access the Chartered Economist program of the ICCE, as well as receive specialized training covering various topics." Mr. Kwizera said.

In the signed agreement, all EPRN members will have the opportunity to pursue the Chartered Economist program offered by the ICCE at a specialized and discounted fee. The agreement also stipulates a guaranteed scholarship for all EPRN members who wish to become Chartered Economists.

The two bodies will also collaborate to host various events such as roundtables and conferences in Rwanda covering various sectors of interest.

According to Gaurissh Lagu, Global Head of Partnership of the ICCE, "We are excited to partner with the EPRN, which is a reputable organization in Rwanda." We trust that this partnership will bring more value to EPRN members as well as anyone who wishes to enrol in the ICCE’s Chartered Economist program. "

"We are counting on the over 1600 EPRN members, as well as non-members alike, to take this advantage we are offering to begin their journey of becoming Chartered Economists and to receive the prestigious global Chartered Economist designation from the ICCE." He added

To find out more about this opportunity, reach the EPRN via (+250) 788 357 648

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