EPRN-FES hone journalists’ skills in regional integration, economic reporting

Twenty-five specialized journalists from various media houses in Rwanda are being trained on how to effectively report on economy, trade and regional integration. This initiative is a contribution to the the East African Community (EAC) mission to widen and deepen economic, political and social development in order to improve the welfare of the region’s citizens.

It is an intensive training on economy trade and regional integration reporting, which is being done under a partnership between Friedrich Ebert Stiftung [FES] and the Economic Policy Research Network [EPRN] operating in Rwanda. In that training that started officially on 09 September, 2022, once per month, there will be one session called Friday breakfast for journalists and it will will last six months.

“The main reason of this training is to extend a program that aims at bridging the harmonization, exchange and collaboration between the journalists and us so as to build their capacity in reporting stories related to economy,” said Prof. Herman Musahara, one of the experts.

Trainees expressed their gratitude of having been selected for this training. They said they expect skills that will enable them to report more accurate stories based on the economy and the integration of specific EAC member states.

Trainers are experts in the economic fields and expert journalist familiar to the economic trade and regional integration from EPRN network while trainees are journalists interested in reporting on the matter.