Professional Training to COPEDU Plc on Credit Analysis

Dates : 24 to 26th September 2021 @Saint Vincent de Paul, Kigali-Rwanda.
Trainer : Mr. Muganwa Pacifique

From 24 to 26th September 2021 at Saint Vincent de Paul, Kigali-Rwanda, the Economic Policy Research Network Rwanda in collaboration with COPEDU administration office conducted a professional training on credit analysis to COPEDU STAFF. The training aimed at enhancing, guiding and supporting the credit analysis skills of Branch Managers, Credit Analysts and Relationship Officers of COPEDU from head office and branches by providing clear information of the knowledge and aspects of practices focusing on their credit analysis component. The training took place

This training focused on acquiring knowledge and skills credit analysis conceptual framework using presentations, exercises and open discussions to engage participants in the learning process. At the end of the training, all the participants, were equipped with the knowledge, skills and professional qualities appropriate to analyze the loan files ; and provide post-training support to staff through providing exercises and homework to stimulate the learning by doing on-the-job mentorship.
This training workshop incorporated a high degree of participant engagement. Adult learning methodologies were employed and debates and discussions were encouraged. The trainer, Mr. Muganwa Pacifique have used a mix of presentations to define and explain key concepts, and practical exercises to apply acquired skills and knowledge on credit analysis.

At the end of the course, the trainer delivered a test and all the participants passed the course with at least 72%.

Prepared by :
Aline Ngabonziza.
Events and Training Manager.