EPRN is undertaking a mapping of potential buyers for horticulture produces from Rwanda

EPRN in collaboration with the Oxfam in Rwanda is undertaking a mapping of potential buyers for horticulture produces. This is being done under a project titled “Horticulture Value Chains Project (HVC)”. The project aims to unlock the potential of Rwanda’s horticultural value chains, ensuring sustainable supply of safe and high-quality products to local, regional and international markets. Oxfam in Rwanda seeks to achieve the project objectives by applying inclusive business approach that combines private sector development with inclusive growth objectives. Furthermore, the project will reduce food losses and increase value chain efficiencies, improve food safety, promote inclusion of entrepreneurial small holders and use climate smart technologies.

The study is expected to generate new knowledge in key aspects of competitiveness, through a market study, inclusive of horticulture value chains analysis on the local, regional and international markets.

The study is applying both primary and secondary data collection approaches of data capturing. Primary data will be collected in four districts of Rwanda namely : Nyagatare, Kamonyi, Rulindo, and Nyamagabe through questionnaire and interviews to be administered to different actors in the horticulture sub sector including heads of farmer cooperatives, government officials, exporters and supporting agencies, while secondary data will be extracted from publications through literature review as well as review of official reports and publications.