End of Project Evaluation : Improvement of Health Services for People with Disabilities in Rwanda

EPRN Rwanda has collaborated with Gahini Rehabilitation Center to undertake a final project evaluation for improvement of health services for people with disabilities in Rwanda.

The main purpose of this final project evaluation was to assess the progress made towards achieving the project goal and impacts based on the project design and strategy (Relevance, Effectiveness, Impact, Sustainability and Efficiency) to better inform future programming and identify potential gaps and area-specific opportunities/focus for programme planning and improvement.

The evaluation has undertaken in Kayonza District, focusing on eight Sectors/Imirenge (Mukarange, Nyamirama, Ruramira, Kabarondo, Rwinkwamvu, Murama, Kabale and Ndego) where the project is being implemented. Some interviews has also undertaken outside Kayonza like in Kigali City whereby selected Key informants have approached. EPRN have applied a Mixed Methods Approach using both quantitative and qualitative tools for data collection from the respondents to facilitate analysis and triangulation. A comparison of ‘‘before-and-after” situation evaluation design with reference to baseline indicators and current status is to be utilized.

EPRN has also used the OECD/DAC criteria to determining the impact level changes, effectiveness, relevance, efficiency, sustainability and ultimately coordination and coherence as value add to the evaluation process.