A policy dialogue involves people from...

A policy dialogue involves people from different interest groups holding a meeting to focus on an issue in which they have a mutual – but not necessarily common – interest. Poverty reduction and eradication efforts across the globe and in Africa have scored good progress, Rwanda being one of the most successful case. To create a shared understanding on the interrelated nature of poverty and inequality as well as uncover creative solutions for reducing inequality and eradicating poverty in the region, EPRN Rwanda in collaboration with UNDP Rwanda held a policy dialogue in Kigali at Marriott hotel from 8pm to 2pm on 28th of May 2019 about poverty and inequality in Africa with strong focus on Rwanda.

The policy dialogue had two presentations from UNDP Rwanda the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda. These two presentations attracted questions and supplements from participants and subsequent panel discussants from representatives from UNDP, DUTERIMBERE-ONG, Oxfam Rwanda, MINALOC and NISR.

The participants of the policy dialogue were drawn from development partners, civil society organizations, public and private institutions, academicians and researchers among others.

The policy dialogue concluded with a networking platform for the participants which is one of the key mandates of EPRN.