EPRN Rwanda primarily serves as a network of researchers and policy analysts ; and link with economic policy makers. It has organized various events that have brought together these groups and provided a platform for knowledge exchange. EPRN Rwanda also created a digital database of economic researchers to further facilitate networking amongst its members. The aim of the online database is to promote EPRN as a one-stop-center for information about available research capacities in Rwanda (in the areas of economics).

While there are some capable and well-qualified researchers and policy analysts in Rwanda, they are spread too thinly across different institutions in government departments, universities, development partners and research institutes.

EPRN therefore organizes activities aiming at bringing together researches and policy analysis :

• Policy dialogues/debates
• Research seminars/workshops/ Awareness Campaigns to inform the general public about new policies and key research findings
• Organize sector session, workshops to brainstorm sector issues (agriculture, social protection, health, education, …)
• Public Lectures
• Annual Research Conferences
• Publish a periodic monthly newsletter
• Facilitate members’ interaction through social media : Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, etc