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One of our goals is to support economic research by providing access to important resources like economic literature or publications in the field.


EPRN Resource Center

In March 2017 we launched the EPRN resource center. From Monday till Friday, 7:30 - 18:00, EPRN members can visit our physical EPRN library at UTC that is equipped with scientific literature in the field of economics. The exact list of available books can be accessed in our online library catalogue. Our EPRN members can also use our new computers equipped with the EViews software and we provide free wifi for conducting research.

Where: German Cooperation (GIZ, Macro Office), opposite of Britam at UTC, 5th Floor, KN 4 Ave

When: Mo-Fr, 7:30 - 18:00

Please bring proof of identification so we can verify your membership.


Online Resources

We are currently working on improving access to online literature and preparing abstracts of the papers that were presented at the EPRN conference on January 26th, more updates will follow!

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Twitter Feed

EprnRwanda RT @rwangombwajRW: Rwanda is no.1 in the World Bank CPIA scores in Sub Saharan Africa
EprnRwanda Rwanda’s inflation rate increases slightly to 3.8% in September.
EprnRwanda @rudahangarwa @UR_CBE Will come soon, we will let you know in a due date as we use too! For you to prepare for it
EprnRwanda This weekend 7th-08th Oct , we are having training @UR_CBE on SPSS for Statistical Analysis
EprnRwanda @RwandaAgri unveils project to assess impact of sector investment on devt


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