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Company Profile

1. Background

EPRN Consult Co Ltd is a company owned and affiliated to Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN), a research institution composed of more than 1300 members with extensive experience in research and consultancies in the fields of financial and monetary policy, socio-economic development, regional integration, social protection, governance, inclusive growth, green growth and environmental protection, agriculture, industrial and trade development, policy research and analysis; and the overall objective is to make a high quality research to inform policy making in Rwanda.

EPRN’s partners include Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, National Bank of Rwanda, National Institute of Statistics in Rwanda, Institute of Policy Analysis and Research, University of Rwanda, GIZ Rwanda and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

To serve our clients, EPRN Consult Co Ltd  selects  for  each  project  a  team  of  in-house and associate  consultants  that  have  individually  and  often  as  a  team  garnered  a  wealth  of  regional  and  international  experience  and  are  recognized  experts in their  specialities.  EPRN Consult Co Ltd   is  proficient  at  nurturing  strategic  alliances  and  partnerships  with  regional  clients  and consultants,  bringing  tested,  reliable  expertise  to  its  projects.  The  firm  provides  timely,  relevant  and  dependable  information  through  research  (client  commissioned  and  internally  initiated)  coupled  with  accurate  monitoring  and  evaluation  to  allow  clients  (public  and  private)  to  address  changes  and challenges  in  their  various industries  and sectors  and to  better  achieve  their  goals  and  objectives.

Specifically EPRN Consult Co Ltd services include:

  • Social, economic and development management consultancy
  • Baseline and Impact Basement surveys
  • Market research including needs assessments (public and private)
  • Professional Training and capacity building

The factors  affecting  achievement  of  goals  and  objectives  for  various  projects  and  clients  are constantly changing. EPRN Consult Co Ltd   designs, collects, records, analyses, reports, and presents relevant information through sound research methodologies. Data is accompanied  by  thorough  analysis  and  realistic  recommendations  sourced  directly  from  a  multitude  of  stakeholders. EPRN Consult Co Ltd works collaboratively with clients and is responsive to feedback to improve services and best meet client needs.

2. Description of the company

EPRN Consult Co Ltd is registered in Rwanda with registration no/code: 107900371. The company has 5 permanent employees and short term associate researchers/consultants from EPRN members. It is one of the Rwandan dynamic multi-disciplinary research and consulting firm with a wide range of experienced consultants, derived from all over East Africa.

3. The company Business vision

To become a leader and source of quality consultancy services in its area of competence.

4. The company Mission

To carry out quality, research and consultancies using up to date methods and techniques to generate useful information for its clients.

5. Strategic Relationships

We  have  developed  and  nurtured  strategic  alliances  and  partnerships  with  regional  clients and consultants which consultants bring a wealth of expertise to the already accomplished EPRN Consult Co Ltd team thus ensuring that clients get only the best services possible.

6. Value propositions
EPRN Consult Co Ltd  realized  that  in  an  ever-changing  environment  the  factors  affecting  achievement  of  set  goals  and objectives  for  various  projects  and clients  are  constantly  changing.  We  design,  collect,  record,  analyze report  and  present  relevant  information  through  monitoring  and  evaluation  backed  with  time-tested research methodology.

EPRN Consult Co Ltd   provide a timely,  up  to  date  and  relevant  information  and  data  with  realistic recommendations  and suggestions sourced directly from target beneficiaries.

By  contracting  our  services  you  are  able  to  save  time  that  you  can  use  to  focus  on  your  core competencies and the things that you do best.  

We are in business to provide a service that is second to none. As such, we guarantee that you get value for what you spend.  

To that end, we guarantee full liaison with the client throughout the process of delivering our services.

We avail assessment forms to our clients; welcoming any positive criticism and taking it seriously with an aim of further improving services to better suit individual clients/ project requirements.

7. Areas of specialization

EPRN Consult Co Ltd   delivers services in the following broad areas:

  • Social and Economic Policy Research

We undertake research especially applied research to assess impacts and propose alternative solutions. We also engage in market research to assess public perception, awareness and opinion on critical social, economic and political issues and policies.

  • Expert Business Advice

Our team of experts provides cutting edge advice on financial matters to individuals, corporations and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We develop Business plans, carry out feasibility studies, Cost Benefit Analysis, etc. We help implement prudent measures and internal controls for efficient and effective financial management. We also undertake company financial audits.

We also help in business planning and budgeting and we work closely with clients in measuring business performance.

  • Professional Training

The firm draws from its diverse faculty to provide high quality educational and training activities. We carry out meds assessment to find out training gaps at institutional level, we do conclude MoUs to prepare and deliver tailor made training responding to specific needs of institutions.

Moreover, every month EPRN organizes professional trainings which are indicated and communicated through our annual training calendar.

Training are being delivered by highly skilled and experience experts selected from national and international database and networks.

8. EPRN Research Team

Our teams of experts are assembled from the most seasoned experts in their respective fields. We have individual and collective expertise with some of our faculty being at the top end of the national and regional market. These top notch experts have provided services at local, regional and international level:

Dr Birasa Nyamulinda

Dr Birasa is a Head of Research and Consultancy Unit of the EPRN Consult Co Ltd. Birasa has PhD in Economics from University College Dublin, Dublin- Republic of Ireland and Masters in Economics from University of Rwanda. He is specialized in Policy analysis, Macroeconomics & Microeconomics analysis, Gender studies, Agriculture & Agribusiness, Cost-benefit analysis, Strategic Plan, design of business plan, writing project proposals, Value chain analysis, impact assessment, and project evaluation. He also has expertise in areas related to rural economics, Land, cooperative and other socioeconomic aspects.  In the last three  years; he has been working with BRAC-Africa as country coordinator and researcher in Rwanda for a research project entitled “Balancing unpaid care  work  and  paid  work:  successes,  challenges  and  lessons  for  women’s economic  empowerment programmes and policies”. Mixed methods were used in this research and girls, boys, men and women were interviewed during data collection. The study was conducted in Rwanda, Nepal, India and Tanzania and it was financed by IDRC. He also worked with Water, Climate and Development Programme  (WACDEP)  for  two  years  as  facilitator  and  trainer  in  the  areas  of  economic planning, cost-benefit analysis and climate resilient in Rwanda. This program was implemented by WACDEP in collaboration with Global Water Partnership (GWP) and these capacity development activities took place in more than 8 countries in Africa and targeted beneficiaries were the Directors of planning in selected public institutions. He also worked with Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) for five years for the promotion and implementation of IAR4D (Integrated Agricultural Research for Development) concept & activities in Africa. In this program he was involved in the market task force which was linking smallholder farmers to niche markets and processors. The targeted value chains were maize, beans, milk and Irish potatoes. The program also enhanced farming technologies and trained farmers on how to apply appropriate post-harvest technologies. During the period of the project four Innovation platforms (forums for dialogues that bring together farmers, banks, private operators, research institutions and local government were established and institutionalized). Besides that the program helped female investor to set up potato processing plant in Gataraga sector which enabled her to secure contracts to supply washed and well packaged potatoes in super markets and hotels in Kigali. The FARA program had its activities in Rwanda, DRC and Uganda. For the last 12 months or so; I have been working as a consultant as Embedded Investment Advisor to Rwanda Development Board (RDB) through USAID-Crown Agents.  The main task at Rwanda Development Board is to advise and help Investment Promotion Department to promote and facilitate private sector investment in Agriculture. He is also a member of Agriculture Sector working Group that brings together institutions and development organizations working and financing agriculture sector in Rwanda.

Dr. Ruhara Mulindabigwi Charles

Dr Ruhara is a Legal Representative of EPRN and Senior Researcher/Consultant at EPRN Consult Co Ltd. He holds of PhD in Economics of the University of Nairobi, Master’s Degree of Commerce in Economics of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (South Africa). He has a substantial experience in analysing large datasets conducted at individual and or household levels and requesting a regional analysis: rural, urban in different provinces and districts using STATA software. I also have strong skills in Econometrics both theoretical and practical. Some of the accomplished consultancies are: Taxpayers’ Attitude and Behaviour towards Taxes/Fees and Compliance, CESS Consulting Company for Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and GIZ, Training of the finance officers of the Rwanda National Police (RNC) on Public Financial Management, RNC headquarters, Kacyiru, Kigali Rwanda. The training consisted of reviewing all the government sources of revenues and the public expenditures, etc.

Mr. Emmanuel Ndizeye

Emmanuel has a Master’s of Business Administration, Project Management Option and is a full-time researcher and consultant at EPRN Consult Co Ltd. Emmanuel has research experience previously was a Director of Research and Consultancy at the University of Rwanda and he carried out a number of consultancies which include: Research on Marketing Strategy and Competitiveness for Rwanda National Prison, Assessment of quality service delivery at SONARWA, Ecotourism as an engine for socio-economic growth and environment protections, sponsored by the On the Frontier Group, etc.

Mr. Innocent Harerimana

Mr. Innocent Harerimana has a Master’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Zululand in the Republic of South Africa and he is a full time assistant researcher and consultant at EPRN Consult Co Ltd.  Innocent has experience in using OLS as an econometrics and estimation techniques, he has also skills in  assessing the forecasting ability of different estimation techniques, including Autoregressive (AR), Autoregressive moving average (ARMA), Vector Autoregressive (VAR), Logistics smooth Transition regression (LSTR) and Artificial Neural network (ANN) models. Innocent is a qualified trainer of public procurement officers in Rwanda and got some award certificates by Rwanda Public Procurement Authority. Besides research skills, Innocent also have skills in procurement because he has been the Procurement Team Leader at the Ministry of Trade and Industry for more than five years before joining the consultancy career.

Mr. Jean Bosco Ndikubwimana

Mr. Jean Bosco is a PhD Candidate in Data Science with research interest in Econometrics under African Centre of Excellence and a researcher at EPRN Consult Co Ltd. He has experience in  Statistic Investigation since 2013  and has skills including developing and attaining a steep curve in teaching, research and consultancy activities, designing questionnaires and identifying methods of sampling techniques, Predicting and Modelling of problems in daily life (in Economics, Agriculture, Insurance, Health, Business, etc.)

Mr. Patrick Kaneza

Mr Patrick has a Master’s Degree in Commerce/Accounting and Finance from Annamalai University. (INDIA) and he is a full time researcher at EPRN Consult CO Ltd. He worked with Global Communities in the Monitoring, Evaluation Research and Learning Department as a consultant and served as a link between Global Communities supervisors and my team members, Field offices (local NGOs) and Community based volunteers. Patrick has experience in research and data management and worked previously as research at UR/ Centre for conflict management and Ubudehe Project.


Prof Kigabo has a PhD in Economics: Money, Finance and International Economics, with specialization in econometrics of time series.  He is currently the Chief Editor of the EPRN editorial board, and is an associate researcher/consultant for the EPRN Consult Co Ltd. Besides this, Prof Kigabo worked for many organisations including Chief Economist and Director General, Monetary Policy and Research, National Bank of    Rwanda, Honorary Associate Professor, College of Business and Econometrics, University of Rwanda, Rwandan Chief Negotiator, East African Community monetary Union protocol and Chairperson of the Economic subcommittee of the Monetary Affairs   Committee of East African Community. He carried out a number of consultancies including: Economic growth in landlocked countries (for Oversees Development Institute ( ODI)); Study on the effects of the energy crisis on the competitiveness of   Rwandan industries (World Bank), Study on the Industrial  development in Rwanda (for UNIDO), Evaluation of cost of  health in Rwanda (for World Health Organization and MINISANTE), Study on the competitiveness of Rwandan Enterprises (for Private Sector Federation), Econometric analysis to identify Key  variables for poverty monitoring in Rwanda (MINECOFIN), etc.

 Dr MUHOZA Ndaruhuye Dieudonne

Dr Muhoza has PhD in Demography from Utrecht University (The Netherlands). He is an associate researcher for EPRN Consult Co Ltd leaded and participated in various consultancy activities, mainly in the areas of socio-economic and demographic issues. Dr Muhoza accomplished assignments including: Baseline Study of the Voluntary Savings and Loan (VSL) Scale Up Project (For Care International); he was selected among few Rwandan Census Analysts to participate to the Fourth Rwanda Population and Housing Census, 2012, where he was given the Theme: Marital status and Nuptiality; Evaluation de l’impact du VIH/SIDA dans le milieu agricole Rwandais (for the World Bank), Evaluation of the Gender Based Violence behaviors in districts of Kayonza, Rutsiro, Ngororero and Kigali city (UNEFEM Rwanda). He published two papers with EPRN Research Conference (2016, 2018).

Dr Ndemezo Etienne

Dr Ndemezo Etienne has a Ph.D. in Economics from Yaoundé University, Cameroon. He is an associate researcher of EPRN Consult Co Ltd. Dr Ndemezo has done a lot of researches in the areas of Public Economics, Public Finance, Poverty, Inequality, entrepreneurship and taxation. His background being in Public Sector Economics and in Industrial Organization, he has consulted in many areas such as business development, agro-processing, industrial economics, taxation, etc. From October 2013 to March 2014, Dr Ndemezo successfully championed the data analysis in the comprehensive assessment of the manufacturing industrial capacity utilization in Rwanda at MINICOM. He has also been Lead Analyst in the assignment of feasibility study for making banana fibers in Rwanda at MINICOM. Recently, as International Consultant, he has performed an evaluation of the agricultural products value chain and a feasibility study for the installation of an agro-processing plant in Mamou in Guinea Republic for the United Nations Industrial Organization – UNIDO. Also, during October and start of November 2015, his has participated in designing and monitoring of a comprehensive survey of the Rwandese touristic industry.

Dr KABANDA Richard

Dr Kabanda has a PhD in Economics from University of Nairobi and Master of Applied Economics from the National University of Rwanda. He is an associate researcher of EPRN Consult Co Ltd. He has strong experience in consultancy and research: consultant in NASA-NHA Survey with UNDP, Research consultant in AGOA Strategy Action Plan with the Ministry of trade and industry. Dr Kabanda also has experience in writing research papers to inform policy making and the following are some of his topics: Monetary policy transmission mechanism in Rwanda, elative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies on Output Stabilization in Rwanda, Relative effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policies in macroeconomic stabilization in a developing and post conflict economy: the case of Rwanda. Dr Kabanda has skills and experience in statistics & econometrics software (EVIEWS, STATA, GRETL)


Dr Mutemberezi has a PhD in International Economics from Russia People’s Friendship University and Master degree in Applied Economics from Russian People’s Friendship University. He is an associate researcher of EPRN Consult Co Ltd. Dr Mutemberezi has strong experience in research and consultancy and the following are some of the accomplished assignments: Evaluation of the performance of INKOMBANK in MOSCOW, Study of the economic dimension of Rwandan social capital, Study of the Rwandan foreign exchange parallel market , Evaluation of small business activities in the city of Kigali, Evaluation of the social impact of informal sector in Rwanda, Training on policy analysis and advocacy skills and awareness on EAC Integration process for Profemme Twese Hamwe (PFTH), Study on impact assessment on EAC Common market on Rwandan’s Economy, Analysis of key documents on East African Community regional Integration focusing on trade& Gender issues, Survey on conditions of women informal cross border traders a case of Rwanda borders with East African community partners states, Participation of collective research on the verification of validity of the national policy of combating poverty OSSREA, etc. He has skills on how to use Eviews, Stata, SPSS and Project Management software (Microsoft project, STORM)

EPRN Consult Co Ltd has other many PhD and Masters holders from its network of more than 1300 members who are committed to work for EPRN assignments whenever necessary in accordance with the EPRN Research and Consultancy Policy.

9. Address

EPRN Consult Co Ltd
Office at KK 737St, Gikondo-Kicukiro-Kigali.
Tel: (+250) 788 357 648
P O Box 7375 Kigali-Rwanda


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