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The 2nd EPRN Students’ Competition and Conference 2018
Thursday, November 29, 2018, 14:00 - 17:00


1. What is the activity/event?

  • It is the student conference and competition

2. Who is organizing?

3. What is the competition all about?

  • It comprises of scientific paper writing done individually and the Quiz competition by groups of 3 persons

4. What are the topics?

  • Paper writing topic: "Africa Continental Free Trade Area: Rwanda’s comparative advantages”
  • Quiz competition: Questions are around Africa Continental Free Trade Area, EPRN Rwanda and Government of Rwanda Priorities.

5. Who is eligible to participate?
Criteria to participate:

  • Interested in the competition
  • A member of EPRN Rwanda
  • Bachelors student in Economics or related fields (finance, agri-economics, statistics, business studies, management,…).
  • Young graduates (those graduated in 2017 and 2018 are also allowed to participate through their universities.
  • Member of the student chapter (optional)

6. What are other benefits of becoming a member regardless this one competition?

  • Internship opportunities
  • Attend professional trainings organized by EPRN at a discounted
  • Borrow books from EPRN’s library
  • Networking opportunities with a diverse pool of professionals
  • Receive “first-alert” online announcements of upcoming events, call for papers, new member benefits, and publication alerts (learn about developing legislation, regulations and decisions that are relevant to the scientific interests of economists in Rwanda and abroad)
  • Participate as presenters and discussants during policy dialogues, conferences and meetings

For more information, please visit this link:
7. If I am interested in the competition but not yet a member, how do I proceed?

8. Does a group have to be composed of students from the same university or you can choose a partner from another university?

  • Yes, you are allowed to have a member from another university as long as you are in the same province ( North, South, West, East and Kigali)

9. What is the logic behind that?

  • The Quiz competition will start from province level to country level

10. Are there any other criteria for the group formation?

  • Yes, the group has to have at least one female and students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply

11. Are there any guidelines set to writing a good abstract to share with prospect participants?

  • No, we expect the candidates for paper writing to have the right skills to produce a competitive abstract and from the collected abstracts, 15 papers will be selected and trained in order to refine their papers (Report writing, research methodology, PPT presentation,…)

12. How do we communicate with EPRN about our groups and the papers?

  • The abstracts will be sent to until the 20th of August, 2018 by 5P.M local time
  • The groups will send their names list, showing also the name of the group and their respective universities

13. What are the prizes for winners?

Paper writing                                                                     Groups competition(Quiz)
2nd Runner-up: 50,000Rwfs                                                  2nd Runner-up: 100,000Rwfs
1st Runner-up: 100,000Rwfs                                                 1st Runner-up: 200,000Rwfs
The winner: 300,000Rwfs                                                       The winner: 500,000Rwfs


For further information click here or call:

  • Jane: (+250) 784 582 645
  • Richard: (+250) 786 167 144
  • Customer Care: (+250) 788 357 648
    OR send email to:


Location UR-CBE Gikondo

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