Logo1. Introduction

Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) got a financial offer from GIZ Rwanda and wishes to utilize part of this fund to recruit a consultant to provide practical training to members and other stakeholders on how to use STATA.

2. Scope of work

The trainer is expected to teach trainees about:

  • Introduction to quantitative data analysis
  • Creating variables
  • Importing data
  • Manipulating data
  • Descriptive analysis
  • Bivariate analysis
  • Inferential statistical analysis.

The trainer has to ensure that at the end of the training, participants are able to:

  • Understand techniques of economic policy analysis
  • Analyze data and produce descriptive statistics in Stata
  • Analyze data and produce inferential statistics in Stata
  • Interpret output in Stata and (e) transform data continuous to categorical variables.

3. Required Qualification and Expertise

The consultant/trainer must have at least the following:

  • Be a member of EPRN ( have paid membership fees)
  • General experience in offering professional trainings and teaching
  • Proven practical experience in providing training about STATA
  • Masters in Economics, Statistics or related areas. PhD is an added advantage.

4. Duration

The training is planned on 07th -09th December 2018.

5. Application Process

Interested candidates are requested to submit their CVs and financial offer indicating their qualification and experience at EPRN office located at UR-CBE Gikondo (ex SFB) or through email: (indicate the subject as: STATA Trainer) by not later than 04/12/2018, 5pm local time. Applications may also be sent through EPRN P.O box: 7375 Kigali-Rwanda until 04/12/2018, 3pm local time.

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