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Research areas: Regional Integration, Human Capital Development and econometrics & financial sector

Logo1. Introduction

Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN Rwanda) is an equal opportunity economic policy research platform in Rwanda bringing together key economic management institutions, individuals and organisations active in economic policy research and analysis to create a pool community for economic policy researchers through organising trainings on qualitative research methods, research coaching and mentorship, work place placements, learning tours and joint research projects to support provide evidence for economic policy formulation and policy research development. EPRN therefore responds to economic policy gaps created mainly by lack of quality and informative research and the challenge of human capacity in terms of limited numbers of economic researchers and active involvement. EPRN aims at being the most influential network on issues of economic policy research and capacity development supporting both macro and micro economic policy in the region and beyond.

For the fifth time now, EPRN through support from GIZ is organising the annual conference that brings together researchers and policy makers to disseminate research findings from its scholars and those from other research and academic institutions. The conference targets Rwandan young researchers, academicians, professionals and decision makers working in private institutions, government, civil society organisations and development partners.

2. Purpose of the Conferennce

The conference seeks to provide a research platform and opportunity for economic researchers at national, regional and international from a wide spectrum such as academics, government officials, representatives of development partners and international and local NGOs with interest in Rwanda, to evaluate the policy progress, suggest innovative policy solutions and, discuss strategies for achieving desired goals and targets.

3. Purpose of the mentorship

EPRN identified researchers to carry out research in selected topics and thereafter the best papers will be presented during the EPRN Conference and be published afterwards.

The purpose of the mentorship is to enhance research capacities for economic researchers in Rwanda in undertaking and implementing research projects and policy analysis and development of research papers. The mentorship will be undertaken amongst EPRN members at individual levels.

EPRN wishes to recruit three experience mentors to supervise, coach and guide researchers (six papers each) who are working on papers to be presented during the conference.

Lot 1: Mentor for papers in the area of Regional Integration

Lot 2: Mentor in the area of human capital

Lot 3: Mentor in area of econometrics and financial sector

Interested candidates should indicate their preferred lot.

4. Scope of work to be undertaken and timeline

The mentor will be expected to undertake the following specific tasks:

  • Help researchers to identify and well define research topic, problem and methodology; and organize mini-workshop at the beginning of the assignment
  • Coach researchers in methods and technics of undertaking a good quality applied research
  • Provide overall guidance to access desired data for a good quality paper
  • Organize a second mini workshop half-way whereby researchers present draft papers
  • Final review of the mentored research papers latest two weeks before submission of the papers (2 weeks before the conference)
  • Organize a joint rehearsal session (three mentors) for presentation of all accepted papers (during the week preceding the conference)
  • Ensure all papers are of high quality and meet requirements of being published under EPRN Paper Series including the EPRN standard format of research papers.

5. Required Expertise

The following personnel qualifications are required to successfully carry out the exercise:

  • PhD in Economics, with a strong background in research and related activities.
  • Experience in supervising/mentoring researchers (at least supervised 3 published papers)
  • Substantial experience in providing training in research methodology with teams of researchers
  • Good knowledge of Rwandan context
  • Assessment, analytical and quantitative skills.
  • Good oral and report writing skills.

6. Expected Output

  • Brief report of first mini-workshop (Max. 2 pages)
  • Brief report after rehearsal session (Max. 2 pages)
  • Good quality papers meeting conditions for being published through EPRN Paper series
  • A final report after the conference highlighting achievements and recommendations for the potential future mentorship assignments under EPRN

7. Duration and payment

The duration of the consultancy shall not exceed 15 working days/per Mentor, spread from October 1st 2018 to February 25th, 2019.

8. Payment Modalities

30%: After submission of the first mini-workshop report

30%: After rehearsal session report

40%: After the submission of final report

9. Supervision

The mentor/consultant will be responsible and report to the EPRN Coordinator throughout this assignment and for all correspondence related to this work to ensure a smooth implementation and coordination. The mentorship will be subject to evaluation by the mentees.



Interested candidates are requested to submit their CVs, respective reference assignments and financial offer at EPRN office located at UR-CBE Gikondo (ex SFB) by 03/10/2018, 5pm local time. Applications may also be sent to: EPRN P.O. Box: 7375 Kigali-Rwanda until 03/10/2018, 1pm OR emailed to: (please send all documents in PDF format and indicate Application-Mentorship for EPRN Researchers in the email subject) by not later than 03/10/2018, 5pm local time

Kigali, 20/09/2018

Seth Kwizera

EPRN Coordinator

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