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This year EPRN Students Conference and Competition comes after very first one that took place last year in November. This initiative usually connects EPRN Student Chapter to the rest of the economist body of EPRN through a common language of scientific paper. For its first time, Though, there is a quiz competition which supplements the existing paper writing. This was inserted as an alternative to include a considerable number of participants since it is to be done through groups of three with at least one female per group across the whole country.

The topic selected goes with the current economic updates of Rwanda as it takes a giant step towards integration. The topic selected is “African Continental free trade area(AfCFTA): Rwanda’s comparative advantages.” The objectives of this conference and competition are many but the main remains: To raise the youth awareness of the African Continental Free Trade Area and prod university students to apply their research skills. As a paramount output of EPRN, this Students conference is expected to build on the “Research for better policy making” spirit and university students are given the lead because they are the building stones of the future Economic body of  Rwanda.

Although, the quiz competition will expand a little further on the scope of the topic and additional to the AfCFTA, it will include 2 more subjects: Government of Rwanda priorities and EPRN. Students grouped in teams of three will be asked on the mentioned subjects.


The 2nd EPRN Student Conference and Competition is keeping pace with the planned schedule as it reaches the first deadline of submission. The months of June and July were reserved for the mobilization campaign and the outreach attained 16 universities without counting Kigali Universities and it mounted up to 26, Kigali included. Student chapter representatives were key players in this activity since they knew better how to reach students in holidays. This did not hinder the progress of the competition but gave enough time for participants to organize their work.

Further activities on the calendar will be a training on research methodology, report writing, power point presentation for all participants who submitted their abstracts and the best 15 best abstracts selected after the training will be proclaimed a few days after the training. On a par with that pre-selection, the qualification round of the quiz competition will be ongoing in provinces. It will start with the first week-end of October and end in November with Kigali universities’ students competition. The finals will be in the conference where the best 3 papers and 3 groups will be awarded and all participants will be given a certificate of appreciation.

For recap the prizes are as follow:

Paper writing

    Groups competition
2nd Runner-up: 50,000Rwfs 2nd Runner-up: 100,000Rwfs
1st Runner-up: 100,000Rwfs 1st Runner-up: 200,000Rwfs
     The winner: 300,000Rwfs The winner: 500,000Rwfs

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