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A practical training on “E-Views” organized by EPRN took place at UR-CBE/Gikondo campus from the 28th to 29th of July, 2018. The trainer was Dr. Ggombe Kassim MUNYEGERA. As the E-views is a software that gives access to powerful statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools, different levels of participants were eager to learn more about the software.

The first half day of the training was about installing E-views software in computers of participants as many of them didn’t have the updated version and then after the trainer started by introducing E-views environment to the participants. On the second day, other topics were covered including how to create working file by importing data, generating series/variables, summary statistics, hypothesis testing, equation estimation – regression analysis, post-estimation diagnostic checks, forecasting and graphical analysis.

Among participants were: University students, research fellows, independent Organizations, lecturers, and consultants. Most part of the training was practical. During the training, the exchange of comments and questions were encouraged and the trainer assisted everyone during the exercises by giving some detailed explanations.
At the closing, an assignment that summed up all the viewed content was given to all who managed to go through the whole training.

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