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On the 12th June, 2018, representatives of the EPRN student chapters visited the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda. Among 9 EPRN student chapters, students from UR/CAVM, UNILAK, INES/RUHENGELI, UR/HUYE, and CBE/GIKONDO were able to make it to NISR. EPRN coordinator also accompanied the group of students to meet with the 5 staff of the NISR who presented later about the departments of the institution. The session of presentation started from 2 to 4 p.m. on the agenda were a short introduction to the institution’s Vision, Mission and mandate, the presentations on different departments and their roles and later would follow the Q&A session.

NISR is usually a founding member of EPRN, as it deals with data collection and on-time was formed in 2005 as an independent institution out of the department of statistics in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. Later in 2008, it joined with other founding members to establish EPRN. Hence the visit’s objective was to

After a welcome note by Emmanuel NYABYENDA from NISR, EPRN coordinator also thanked the host for letting the students learn more about the institution in charge of data collection and inviting them to be attentive throughout the session as they would benefit from it by learning more on the methodologies of data collection to be used later in their own researches.

On the outset, ISHIMWE Caroline from NISR presented about the department of Demographic and Social Statistics which delivers Vital, Labor, Demographic and social statistics. The periodicity of these varies between every day and from 3 to 5 years. On the next was Venuste BIZIMANA who presented on the department of Census, a department that collects information through census of the population growth and economic performance. The closing presentation talked on the department of Economic Statistics that collects and updates major components of the country’s economy namely Price, Agriculture, trade and Services, Infrastructure and Industry and the national account statistics. The shortest period of publication of the department being a Quarter and the longest period being a Year. The Statistical Method, Research and Publication (abbreviated as SMRP) is entrusted with Quality assurance, appropriate statistical and sampling Methods, Research, publication and Documentation.

An interesting Q&A session followed during which students asked presenters on the labour statistics calculation and consideration. Discussion followed on how they usually define employed and unemployed people highlighting the difference between skills mismatch and unemployment.

In closing, EPRN coordinator thanked both students and NISR staff who engaged in the session and invited students who are prospect researchers to learn more about the data collection. The modulator on the side of the NISR gave back the thanks and saluted the initiative of EPRN student chapter of visiting the NISR. And a photo was taken after the session.


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