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Jean Bosco NDIKUBWIMANA is a lecturer in Applied Statistics Department, School of Economics, College of Business and Economics at the University of Rwanda (UR-CBE). He has a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics with specialization in Statistical Modelling and Actuarial Sciences and he is currently a PHD scholar in data science, with a major in econometrics at the African Centre of Excellence in Data Science (ACE II-DS), seated at the University of Rwanda.

1. How did you know about AQEPD?

I have known AQEPD via social media namely LinkedIn and Facebook

2. Were your goals and expectations met during AQEPD?

Of course Yes, AQEPD programme helped me to achieve my targets in only 10 months. Through the research methodology course and the final project done during AQEPD, I got to know how to clearly write a good proposal in the field of Applied Quantitative Economics. Now, I am able to solve and handle all economic problems through research and consultancy by suggesting the remedies of the past, analyze critically the current scenarios and forecasting the future scenarios.

3. How does this make a difference to your life?

Now, I have a keen interest in research and consultancies activities, Monitoring and Evaluations, Impact assessment, Cost Benefit Assessment and Sensitivity analysis. It helped me to improve my teaching and evaluation. As a result, I’m currently doing a PhD thesis in Econometrics titled “Interval Valued Time Series Models for Capital Market Exchange” using daily data from Rwanda and Nairobi Stock Exchanges from 2012 to date. The findings of this study will help the Government of Rwanda to plan and forecast economic behaviors for short and long run based on the Stock Exchange data.

4. How would you recommend AQEPD to other EPRN members?

I extremely recommend AQEPD to EPRN members as this programme provides high scientific knowledge and practical skills to carry out research and consultancy in quantitative economics. It helps us use skills acquired from masters’ studies and apply these to solve real world problems.

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