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A public lecture jointly organized by EPRN and KOICA was held at UNILAK on the 13th of June 2018 with the theme: Korea’s Economic Development Experience: Lessons for Rwanda. The presenter, Mr Emmanuel Kabanda, being a member of the KOICA-Rwanda Alumni Association (KOIRAA), was able to relate the history of Korea’s Development path with the history and Vision of Rwanda by highlighting the boost made by President Park Chung-Hee in the course of Korea’s development. The objective was to instill in the students the spirit of change and shedding the light on the outside world.

The starting point of Korea was one season of agriculture constrained by a dense population coupled with a torn city going through the aftermath. This resemblance of the Korea’s path and Rwanda’s Vision stands for the rationale of picking Korea for the Public Lecture.

Among the take-home in remedies that were implemented included:

  • The Labour exports,
  • Initiation of an Economic Planning Board (EPB) to have a strong say on the priorities through budgeting,
  • The normalization of relations with Japan (due to a series of Japan invasion that broke out in the 16th century)
  • Cluster development (heavy machinery including automobiles, electronics, ship building, Steel and Iron...)
  • Saemaul Undong (a movement which sought to rectify the disparity of living standards between the industrializing urban centers and small villages sinking in poverty.)
  • Etc, …

The presentation session ended with a hint on the current situation of Rwanda and highlighted the role of the youth in its development with innovative ideas in Tourism and Agriculture. After the presentation, a session of Q&A followed from the audience.

For the first time in UNILAK, KAMANYANA Natacha, on behalf of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), made a presentation on its genesis and its spread over the globe with 44 countries and 46 offices in those countries.

As the organizing institution, on behalf of EPRN, Mrs. Helene also presented on its objectives and activities which get attained through events such as the public lecture organized to equip future economic researchers (students) with insights that open them for the task ahead in the economics and any related field.

Attendees were mainly academicians from UNILAK with a considerable number of EPRN student chapter members and other students. Lecturers and Universities’ officials were also part of the audience.

During the closing, Mr. Kabanda, the presenter, thanked all the students who participated as well as all the stakeholders for which he takes an active involvement either EPRN as a Member and alumni of KOICA scholarships. Last remarks were made by the Dean of Students of UNILAK to thank EPRN and KOICA for the initiative and inviting them to continue the good collaboration.


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