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The World Bank is partnering with eight Governments in Eastern and Southern Africa in an innovative project with the aim of improving the quality of training and research in higher education, and reducing the  skill  gaps  in  key  development  priority  areas.  The  Eastern  and  Southern  Africa  Higher  Education Centers  of  Excellence  (ACE  II) Project  supports  the  governments  ofEthiopia,  Kenya,  Maawi, Mozambique,  Rwanda,  Tanzania,  Uganda,  and  Zambia  in  stregthening  selected  African  Centers  of Excellence (ACEs) to deliver quality post-graduat education and build collaborative research capacity in the following priority areas: (i) Industry, (ii) Agriculture, (iii) Health, (iv) Education, and (v) Applied Statistics. The  ACE  II Project implements  three  components,  namely  (i)  strengthening  the  24  higher education  institutions  into  regional  ACEs  in  Eastern  and  Southern  Africa  in  a  set  of  defined  regional priority areas (US$ 140 million); (ii) providing capacity building support to these ACEs through regional activities (US$3 million); and (iii) supporting coordination and management of the implementation of components (i) and (ii) (US$5 million).

As Regional Facilitation Unit (RFU) for the ACE II Project, the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) leads the implementation of key elements of Component 2 of the project, aimed at building strong and sustainable regional partnerships and collaborations to produce competent Masters and PhD holders  for  the  regional  market  and  improve quality  of  teaching  in  higher  education  and quality  of production and services in public and private sectors.To encourage the participation of young African female students  at  postgraduate  level, IUCEA  wishes to implement  a  Fellowships Program aimed  at providing competitive Masters Scholarships to academically deserving future talents to promote regional female  student  mobility. Eligible female applicants  who can demonstrate  interest  and  ability  in  the priority areas are encouraged to apply for the 30 Fellowships available for the 2018/2019 academic year. Read more...

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