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A training on “panel data analysis” was organized by EPRN. It took place at UR-CBE/Gikondo from the 1st up to the 3rd of June, 2018. For this time, it was hosted by Professor Alfred R. Bizoza, a senior economist who has been teaching econometrics for 16 years, as he said. He was assisted by Mr. John Paul Okelo who focused more on the practical aspect of the training by using E-views and interpreting the obtained results. Attendees who partook in the training were from different angles of the economic spectrum: government institution (agencies, ministry, and local administration), academic institution (lecturers, masters’ graduates, and undergraduates), private sector and NGOs.

The training had the purpose of upgrading trainees on the evaluation of macroeconomic models using panel data to reach an upper level in analyzing policies and conducting policy research. Furthermore, the trainees were encouraged to conduct evidence-based debates through the participatory approach used in the training. Because of different advanced levels on the subject of econometrics, the participants (both trainees and trainers) were capable to create a dynamic and very engaging environment. Hence, the mastery of the material.

For the first time, EPRN introduced the assessment of the mastery of the content through an assignment given to trainees. This also gave space to group work and reporting after which the distribution of certificates will based on.

The closing remarks of the trainer were mainly encouraging the continuous learning process and keeping vibrant the networks created for further improvement. Two trainees representing the rest mainly thanked the trainers and the way they engaged, recommending them for future trainings.

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