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JIBS is looking for at least 6 Doctoral Students with placement at one of the three research centers.



JIBS (Jönköping International Business School) is one of four schools within Jönköping University (JU). It is recognized as the most international business school in Sweden and one of the most international in the world. For more information please visit

JIBS’ mission is to advance the theory and practice of sustainable value creation in private and public organizations, with emphasis on Entrepreneurship, Ownership, and Renewal. In line with this mission, we are looking for at least six doctoral students who are interested in pursuing their doctoral studies in one or more of these three areas. The doctoral students will be admitted to either the doctoral program in business administration (at least 4 positions) or the program in economics (at least 2 positions). The doctoral student will be affiliated to one of JIBS’ three centers; CeFEO (Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership), CEnSE (Centre of Entrepreneurship and Spatial Economics) or MMTC (Media, Management and TransformationCentre) depending on her/his preliminary research interest.

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