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YSI Africa Convening

Aug 16–18, 2018

Harare, Zimbabwe | University of Zimbabwe

Instute for New Economic Thinking organizes the Young Scholars initiative Africa Convening. Young african scholars are encourage to submit their papers by May 20, 2018. The topics of the papers are the following:

    1. African Economies in Transition

    2. New Approaches to African Economic History

    3. Revisiting and Confronting the Challenges of African Development

    4. Rethinking Cooperatives and the African Agenda

    5. The Current Challenges of a Complex Reality

    6. A Critical Engagement with Financial Stability in Africa

    7. The Gender Division of Labour; Diversity and Change

    8. Inequality in Africa

    9. Rethinking Political Economy: the State & Pluralist Economics Teaching

   10. Perspectives on the Challenges for Sustainable Development in Africa

For more info related to the conference, submition procedures and further details visit their website

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