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Below are benefits to members:

  1. Receive copies of the “EPRN Paper Series” free of charge on request
  2. Received a monthly newsletter through email
  3. Borrow books from EPRN’s library
  4. Use the EPRN online research portal
  5. Participate as presenters and discussants during policy dialogues, conferences and meetings
  6. Purchase publications of the organisation at a discounted price
  7. Attend professional trainings organized by EPRN at a discounted
  8. Access to the directory/database of all institutions and individuals working in the field of economic development in Rwanda
  9. Full voting rights
  10. Receive “first-alert” online announcements of upcoming events, call for papers, new member benefits, and publication alerts (learn about developing legislation, regulations and decisions that are relevant to the scientific interests of economists in Rwanda and abroad)
  11. Networking opportunities with a diverse pool of professionals
  12. Get updated information on consultancy opportunities and job openings
  13. Partnership opportunities (through B2B programs)
  14. Internship opportunities
  15. Coaching and mentorship
  16. Scholarships 


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