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Institution wishing to be a member enters into an agreement (MoU) with EPRN detailing an amount of membership fees paid and indicating what services/benefits to its members/staff. Staff/members of the Institution have access to EPRN benefits immediately after the payment from the institution. The paid membership fees are valid from July of the current year until June of the following (fiscal) year. An institution may opt to pay more than one year and this is clarified in the MoU. For any inquiry, call: (+250) 784 582 645.

Payments are made through the following Bank details:

          Bank account: 00040 06945750 07 RWF

          Title of the account: Economic Policy Research Network

          Bank: Bank of Kigali (BK)

Category Annual Membership Fees (RWF)
Institutional/ Corporate

Below 30 members/staff 500,000 Rwf

From 30 up to 100 members/Staff

1,000,000 Rwf

Above 100 members/Staff

1,500,000 Rwf


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