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EPRN membership is open to Rwandan and non-Rwandan economists (researchers and policy analysts). Membership comes in three main categories: Individual Membership (local and international independent researchers), Institutions Memberships and Students Membership, described below.


 Individual Membership

Individual members are independent researchers or analysts wishing to build their capacities in research and networking with others in the areas of economic, finance, accounting and related areas. Members are either local or foreign researchers. They need to have minimum qualification of Masters in economics and related fields and at least have (or) are in the process to publish a research paper. 


Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership is open to all public and private institutions in the economic sector that intend to build the capacity of their staff and members, to do research, to use statistical software, to conduct economic policy analysis and other skills and knowledge relevant to economic development. Through partnerships, institutions also benefit from having access to data and other information from other institutions in the network.

Any prospective member institution must work in the area of economic development and must have staff responsible for research and/or policy analysis.


Students Membership

Student Membership is open to students at Bachelor Level, Bachelor Graduates and Masters Level in economics and related fields.

For any inquiry, write to us: or call: (+250) 788 357 648.



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