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General Assembly

EPRN’s supreme organ is the General Assembly.  It is composed of all registered members and who pay membership fees. Their roles are to:

  • To review  and approve strategic direction
  • Approve any changes to the Statutes, internal regulations,…
  • Approve Membership Fees
  • Elect members of the board of directors and the members of the executive committee
  • Approve annual plans and annual reports (technical and financial) including audit reports

The general assembly meets once a year. It is the final decision marking organ of the organization. It instructs both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of highly experienced individuals in economic policy research and analysis and its roles are to:

  • Oversee the implementation of the General Assembly’s decisions
  • Provide strategic advice about general administration and development of the organization
  • Nominate the  coordinator and approve the recruitments of new staff
  • Standing for interest of respective represented institutions

The board meets quarterly in ordinary meeting. They can meet in an extraordinary meeting.
Members are voted by the General Assembly for five years period renewable only once.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is provided for by the EPRN Statutes and it is there mainly for EPRN Legal Representation. Its roles are:

  • Ensure legal representation of the organization
  • Sign MoU and agreements engaging the organization
  • Negotiate funds agreements with donors and partners;
  • Facilitate the recruitments, nomination and dismissing different employees of the organization and review and approve consultants recruitment reports

The Executive Committee meets monthly in ordinary meeting. It can meet in an extraordinary meeting.
Members are proposed by the Board and approved by the General Assembly for three years period renewable only once.

Coordination of day to day work of the network
The Coordinator is appointed by the Board for a period of three years renewable upon performance. His/Her roles are:

  • Oversee the implementation of the Board decisions
  • Oversee partnerships/MoUs on behalf of the Executive Committee
  • Initiate Strategic collaborations and partnerships
  • Oversee projects (manage the budget and performance)
  • Follow up day to day functions of the EPRN and represent it in stakeholders’ events
  • Follow up members and ensure their satisfaction
  • Coordinate the recruitment of staff, interns and consultants; ensure roles of staff management
  • Report to EPRN Board and act as board secretary

From the Coordinator comes the subsequent staff like programs managers, projects managers, researchers, assistant researchers and staff in other support units: finance, administration, procurement, capacity building and partnerships.

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