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The Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) is a registered NGO which responds to gaps in economic policy research; especially, a lack of quality research due to a limited number of economic researchers. EPRN is a network of researchers created in 2008 by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, National Bank of Rwanda, National Institute of Statistics in Rwanda, Institute of Policy Analysis and Research and the University of Rwanda; and so far the network has over 1.300 members from public and private institutions, independent local researchers, academicians and international researchers.

EPRN comprises a forum of researchers in the fields of financial and monetary policy, socio-economic development, regional integration, inclusive growth, green growth, environmental protection, agriculture, industrial and trade development, policy research and analysis. The overall objective is to strengthen evidence based economic policy in policy-making institutions in Rwanda and the region, and thereby to improve the welfare of the people of Rwanda and the region.

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